Alternate Reality

Infinity is the word that inspires me, this is what I connect myself with. The never ending ever lasting ability of time itself, contradicting with your own life.

The truth is on the other side but it is not reality either as everything you chase wont stay and everything you want is not meant to be. 

Love can be anyone or anything. Only the word is defined the form is upto us.

It can be that baby in the arms of a mother, it can be the girl on the slide. It can be the boy on his bicycle, it can be the teenager on her skates. 

To me it could have been the charming man in his suit but the heart wants what it wants and now I am stuck on him!

I dont regret on being so foolish and yet so sure of what I desire. 

Some call me stupid, some find me naive and the rest find me completely moronic! Still I dont mind being any of it as long as I find bliss in loving someone as imaginary and distant as him..

This is where the word is applied as nothing is fixed and thats why who knows what are we in the parallel universal time!


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