Reading in the dark alley Was so engulfed in words Didn’t see you pass by That handsome face It’s been long since I gazed The smell of fresh Cologne A chilling sensation down the spine Killer are you, of some kind? That not so bright shirt Standing tall I never see the face I flip … More Shadow

Doesn’t matter

When nothing seems to matter You do not care anymore Whether you loose or you win It makes no difference You are not sure of what you want You care for nobody And you realise no one cares for you You live in darkness that has its own ring You are free yet trapped Walking … More Doesn’t matter

So long

Have you ever dreamed of something with so much passion You lost your concentration when it came along You didn’t know how to act or react You had no clue what was to be done You got so close and yet stayed so far You haven’t reached that sweet spot, You are not lost let … More So long