The start was so early it seems like it has been weeks since I was home, yet it was just today morning that I kept the newspaper on the table with a single page turned… There was something bothering me, I can’t remember it anymore, I am getting forgetful or maybe it’s a blessing… I … More Dusk


A nightmare looms as I groom myself for the day ahead.. It’s just early morning, I had to leave the bed at dawn..ohh I am not liking this, I wanted to stay in a little longer! I had a bad dream but the coziness of the bed was good enough to forget the thoughts hampering … More Dawn

Let It Go

Letting go is the hardest of all Leaving it as it is, is so tough Accepting that some things are not for you is so unacceptable Understanding that we get what we truly deserve is a harsh truth to take Being content and being carefree is so difficult today Living the moment is so much … More Let It Go


Immense pain grips me as I write tonight. The sad story of a lover never loved back. If it had happened once I would be OK. But it happens all the time. Every single time I ever thought I was getting into love. It was nothing more for someone else, just a mere lust to … More Broken

Where was I?

Let me rewind and tell you where was I and what I was up-to. This is a long story and there are some pictures 😀 First I got into a temporary teaching job, the contract of which came to an end on 10th December. With the student coming first in her competition. So thats a … More Where was I?