A thunderstorm came.. calm and gentle.. Not like the rest it was not a chaos on the first say… It was soft and polite.. It came with a bright smile.. and glittery eyes.. It wore all black but it felt all white.. The first touch itself was divine.. I was falling for the charm and … More Thunderstorm

That Smile

That Smile.. that damned smile Rare yet always lingering Heart skips a beat, smile A shining ray of sunshine On the grumpy child Those bunny eyes Sparkling and shiny behind a frame Never has it been a concern to absorb what it sees… Those imperfect moments are always on rewind That clever smile..


Reading in the dark alley Was so engulfed in words Didn’t see you pass by That handsome face It’s been long since I gazed The smell of fresh Cologne A chilling sensation down the spine Killer are you, of some kind? That not so bright shirt Standing tall I never see the face I flip … More Shadow

Doesn’t matter

When nothing seems to matter You do not care anymore Whether you loose or you win It makes no difference You are not sure of what you want You care for nobody And you realise no one cares for you You live in darkness that has its own ring You are free yet trapped Walking … More Doesn’t matter

Knight or Night

Hey, guess what? I need to keep trying.. I have, as of yet, not found a replacement for you.. The thing is I don’t need or want a new one. I just hoped that after 365days I would finally be on some other page or book… YET You still make me want to scream my … More Knight or Night


Only if we were blocked by our troubles as easily we are blocked by traffic bubbles! Wishing luck to pave its way through the hard work and disarray… Block the dark vibes and let the white shine Free the spirit and trap the evil.. Don’t block the road less taken as it leads to other … More Blocked


Photos have memories and also details Some speak ample and some hide those anecdotes while being simple Suggesting you as I can’t stress Could you please put a picture with a bright smile and your latest yarn or dress So that I have something to get my fancies rumble Keep up with the time age … More Photo?