Deception was applied and here we are. Failed in my quest to get you lost from my chest. Been so long, been a while since we walked a mile. Hand in hand on a path unknown with each others steps as guides. 

Deeper than the ocean, higher than the sky, what we have is beyond words for me to define.

Kept my distance. Let it go yet when ever it comes back it makes me row, my boat towards the very first day.

 The world is not enough without you. If we were together that would mean so much more than all this that I own.

Often I think of the life that could be if you hadn’t walked out on me. 

My thoughts are haunting and my heart is lonely, don’t you ever think of me?

I wish I could ask if you are doing good. I wish I hadn’t lost you like this. I wish we could get it together in one peace. 

Back to basics and back to start. Let me clean up my act, its not so late. May I begin again, a fresh start with you and me. I have tried too hard to leave it aside. Why would my heart beat so fast and so quick if it meant nothing at all and was just an average deal? 

Don’t have any good words left, have lost the vocab and the head or tail of this confusing tale.

Love lust or longing it maybe. Let me live it once and then we will see. I beg you not. I ask for it. I know deep down you want it to be. The pull I feel is not random, its not even your charm alone. Its there when I am busy and never leaves when I am alone. 

If you heard your inner voice we both could be spared this trickery. Else help me erase it if nothing meant anything to thee.


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