Alternate Reality

Infinity is the word that inspires me, this is what I connect myself with. The never ending ever lasting ability of time itself, contradicting with your own life. The truth is on the other side but it is not reality either as everything you chase wont stay and everything you want is not meant to … More Alternate Reality


Deception was applied and here we are. Failed in my quest to get you lost from my chest. Been so long, been a while since we walked a mile. Hand in hand on a path unknown with each others steps as guides.  Deeper than the ocean, higher than the sky, what we have is beyond … More Erase

Search for it

Reflections can be deceiving, What is it that you seek? When you look yourself in the mirror What is it that you think? How would you find yourself? If you don’t know who it is What are you chasing  Day in and day out? Why your false sense of existence has so much pride? Who … More Search for it

Lost within

I live in two different worlds Two different times and two different lines This two timing has brought upon some chaos I don’t know what is real and what is within Let’s touch a soul, let’s catch a goal, that’s what my inner self screams The outer self is way too thick, doesn’t believe in … More Lost within


Grass is always greener on the other side,  What you see is not what it hides The water and the soil may have been a factor Yet I assure you that distance is what makes it shine When you will reach the edge of it’s beginning That’s when your jealously will hault in a jolt … More Grass


I have traveled miles and days, searching for the peace I seek I have always thought the journey to be the end but recently realised the path is what I mean I have traveled days and nights, looking for the one of whom I dream I have been very stubborn on him being right on … More Travel