A nightmare looms as I groom myself for the day ahead.. It’s just early morning, I had to leave the bed at dawn..ohh I am not liking this, I wanted to stay in a little longer! I had a bad dream but the coziness of the bed was good enough to forget the thoughts hampering … More Dawn


You came to see me! You took back all the wrongs in one go, That smile, those eyes, The touch I missed the most And again we left on a bad note! Why? ohh why can’t we be together in peace? Why doesn’t things last between us as I would want it to be? Modern … More Why?

Let It Go

Letting go is the hardest of all Leaving it as it is, is so tough Accepting that some things are not for you is so unacceptable Understanding that we get what we truly deserve is a harsh truth to take Being content and being carefree is so difficult today Living the moment is so much … More Let It Go


I long for adventure I long for travel I long to roam around and be an explorer I long to be free and independent I long to see all that has not been discovered I long to do something worthwhile I long to achieve my goals I long to meet people I haven’t met before … More Longing

Society you say?

All of you who make fun of me! Do you know where I started from? Who I was and what I became? My heart aches for souls lost, And my head aches because morons walk! Till I reach where I wish, could you mind your own work? I don’t interrupt your path, why hinder mine? … More Society you say?


Desperation is what I have for attention! Always seeking and mostly begging for something so lame.  What would I do if I got what I am looking for? Won’t I be running to save my privacy and thoughts, from the clutches of those attention givers? And yet I act desperate for that single minute craze. Desperation … More Desperation

Monthly Missing

I have this inkling to text and talk. I have this urge to feel it all up. Yet I have come to terms with the fact that someone has to be let go off. Some people have to be cut off. And somethings are to be laid off.  I miss you immensely. You are a part … More Monthly Missing