Bangaluru in a hurry

If you are in Bangaluru check out Bun Maska chai for some jodhpuri tea or kesar chai or bun maska or even bada pav. Bengali’s run the place, took me a day and half to realise what was taking me back there again and again. TOT is fun too. Talk over table. Nice comfy place to sit. With bean bags and a semi fun semi formal look. A bit fancy on the prices but in the middle of Bangalore good to have a milk shake and read your paper. Not great for the taste buds but good for the chill. Both the places are at Jeewan Bima Nagar. 

Idiapam, dosa and biryani is highly recommended when in Bangalore. According to your location choose a place. Mostly they are all good.

Shop at brigade road or comercial street for cheap bargain but be good with your bargaining skills! Try frankies and momos on the go.

There is this Tibetan restaurant called Taste of Tibet in the middle of Brigade road. Yummy Thukpa and momos and do give a try to the chilli potatoes.

Metro is very good for commute. Rest the BMTC buses are there. And some corners have to be reached by cab or auto!

Try the non veg thali. Which I did! Ghee and rice on a banana leaf is a treat to the eyes and along with comes sambar, rasam, okra, beetroot, chicken, fish, fish stew, mutton curry, buttermilk, papad and a dessert! All in one plate! Hello food lovers..don’t miss out on this..

Palace, light and sound show, the Parliament all are good for photography and leisure. You might need atleast half a day for the palace. Saree’s are famous so I would suggest you to buy from a govt. Certified shop. Roaming around in Bangalore is very fun for me. I like the awesome mausam. If you enjoy science Vishveshwariya museum will need a day for your cells to feel satisfied.

Lassi  shop and Adigas are recommended for lassi, juice, filter coffee and dosa at cubbon road. Best ice cream is to be tasted at corner house. And best food, when it comes to chicken its for sure Truffles.

There is one roof top cafe called Om Made Cafe, great for a good ice tea and chit chat. 

Bangalore has a lot to offer, this was what I could absorb in a 6 days span. Most of my time was spent roaming the city with friends. The weather is a charm.

English is understood and spoken by all. Its a city but still has its culture somewhere around. 


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