The cycle carries on

Old love is dead, new is crying and the third one is waiting in line. 

I met him in the summer and I met him twice. Then he did something that I wouldn’t shrine!

The feelings are the same when something ends but my feeling are exhausted this time.

I don’t wish to talk or discuss on that, I just wish to stay happy and free!

I hope I meet only good souls and I hope this passes in a wee.

I wished for it to be longer. I wished for once someone to stay true.

I wished I was not so left out and I wished I could be loved too.

Maybe its my fault, whatever it may be but I wish to get away from this whole bunch of emotions and stay alone in my own jiffy.

I wish to find myself, and do good and learn and work. People are not my place to be and that’s all I have learnt in the whirlpool of feelings in a while!


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