The start was so early it seems like it has been weeks since I was home, yet it was just today morning that I kept the newspaper on the table with a single page turned…

There was something bothering me, I can’t remember it anymore, I am getting forgetful or maybe it’s a blessing…

I don’t wish to turn to details.. They make me very uneasy.. OCD is a disorder I don’t wish myself to be detected with…

Hey did I mention I met this old man on the street before boarding my train.. He looked familiar.. Yet my distant memory is not helping me to locate.. I think he waved or smiled but I was lost in thoughts and he had turned making it too late to reply…

I will keep thinking about him in fragments.. Non the less my sunset was the best!

Saw a baby crawl to his mother on the picnic cloth.. A boy rode his bike like he won the world… A proud father looked upto the son who got a girl.. And I was wondering what is it that I want…

Working calms me down.. Makes me happy.. Yet there are these breaks that I wish to fill with something.. Something I am not sure off… But the day was happy…

I must rest now. Prepare for tomorrow… I must not dwell on what is and what not.. Future needs more work….


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