A very important Friend

Well I love you

Love is complicated and has various meanings. But in general it stands for something that gives you a purpose to carry on and makes you happy and lifts you up!
You do all that for me. So you are love.
You stand by me in my dumbest and smartest decisions. That’s love to me. And you listen to me when I repeat everything without getting bored.
We all have flaws but love is about acceptance and you accept me as I am so being loved makes me love you more.
You are pretty and smart.. You hustle like a man and you make me proud. You have courage and you have so much potential.
All this combined adds to why I love you!
I don’t fluant you much coz trust me people ruin beautiful things.

It has happened so many times that I don’t want to risk it.
You are my best friend. You have helped me survive a lot of shit. But I prefer keeping it low key. I show off things that are more pretentious to me. Things I genuinely love I hide.
You are my treasure. And I am not even being fancy. You are a comfort that I always seek. And the space you give is what I appreciate the most
So yes that’s what it is, I love you.


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