Desperation is what I have for attention!

Always seeking and mostly begging for something so lame. 

What would I do if I got what I am looking for?

Won’t I be running to save my privacy and thoughts, from the clutches of those attention givers? And yet I act desperate for that single minute craze.

Desperation is what I have, for love!

I run and chase whoever gives the smallest hope for listening to my inner world. 

Where I don’t realise that I am not ready to give the love I so deeply desire as I am only desperate for attention and not ready for commitment!

Desperate I am for money and fame!

Again I can have the same say that what would I do with it all? I mostly sleep, eat and hate being disturbed. If I have money my sleep will be gone. And when I have fame my peace will be taken!

Yet I remain desperate!


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