Monthly Missing

I have this inkling to text and talk. I have this urge to feel it all up. Yet I have come to terms with the fact that someone has to be let go off. Some people have to be cut off. And somethings are to be laid off. 

I miss you immensely. You are a part of me now. You took a part of me when you left and I wished I had done the same. I have a bond with you deeper than any. You fail to understand what’s beneath. 

Could I ever expect for your return. Could I ever hope for love from you. Trust me I will give all you want but only if you give all I please. I promise to love strong and deep. Therefore you promise to make me the only one. 

Your charm will sweep off many. Your smile will win a golden doll. These are things that people see but What I have seen is deeper much. If you could cooperate we could make it work. 

Two passionate souls together, touching both the body and mind should never be kept so far apart. I wish I had told you all this in person. I wish I had told you on time. 

Though I don’t know whether you would have still given a head to what my juvenile words say. 

I want you, yes I do. No I don’t need you I have survived much time alone. I want you, to shower you with lust, love and passion but only if you let me yell!

I love you. I do with my heart and soul. My mind craves you, will you not be happy to be so deeply desired. I write for you and to you. Sadly you will never read what I am penning in such short inning.

I hope and pray that if its ever meant to be, you find me waiting like the very first day. I promise to love you the way you seek. If you promise to hold my hand and do as I dream.


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