Sister Love

Love is simple, love is old.
I too love a person with my heart and soul.
I have loved this creature from the very start.
I intend to love it till the very last!

I feel tremendous joy to be around this person,
who is happy, cheerful and bubbly all at the same time.
This human that I adore so much is the most beautiful of all the people I have ever met. This immensely intellectual individual fulfills me.

I have been in love for far so long that I do not know how to not love this earthling
when it makes me go angry and trembling. This person knows me far too much, therefore makes me nervous, happy, proud and confident by mere gestures or words that only I can tell!

I love this funny sweet and kind being who has a cold face when I make lame vines.Perfection is not attainable but my love defies those laws all too well. Darling poochi coochie coo all I can do with this somebody who fulfills my life to the core existence.

Love is easy, love is quick.
This homo sapien taught me that,
you don’t choose love, it chooses you.

You must know you are blessed the day you find love for I know since I found this mortal in my mom’s arms. She must have looked very pretty because I don’t remember as I was also very small. Yet I am sure as I am in love from as long as I can remember.

I have seen her small and now grow up into this woman I look upto. She is younger but teaches me all that can be taught.They say love perishes and love dies but mine has only increased with time. And she is the reason why I still live in my fairy world!


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