My soul sister

I hope you find a poet. You are worth writing on!
You have touched something inside that haven’t been touched in a long long time.

I wish I had met you sooner and I wish we had more time.
The things you said and all that you did couldn’t much hide what you really seeked!

Maybe you are the genius of this age,
yet I see through those pretence or maybe I am the imbecile.

All the words that we haven’t exchanged,
must not be left and so I scrawl these nutty phrases.

And I hope when you write, I find a small space in it to slide.
I know it will take a while, you still need to learn to express.

Infinity brings weariness Or maybe its just a state of mind.
Believe in something rather than doubting all that is alive.

For you I write while I am tipsy and edit while I feel sombre,
as you aid passion and yet assess my scribble!

(Picture Description: Hong Kong Victoria harbor)


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