Dreamy December

One December night  I met this tall puppy dough eyes,
with a smile that reminded me of thousand cheers!

He spoke with this starry gaze,
grabbing my attention in a blaze.

We talked through the drive and the city lanes,
discussing everything under the natural satellite.

He is this sweet soul with a nice heart,
which goes cold when hurt or torn.

Patience lacks in this creature and therefore,
fails to handle my crusty snap and occasional prickly teaser.

I like how he cares and listens to my blabber,
and puts up with  all my dander.

He lets me be myself and wear my crazy attire,
and yet manages to look amazed as if I was some satire.

I like how he talks, and how he gushes,
I like that he occasionally blushes.

Yet with everything so perfect I find it hard to treat him well,
its not my lack of manners but just an overwhelming fear of being parallel!

So I ask him to wait and put some more faith,
to work his magic a little more on this bonkers babe.

(Picture Description: Raisen Fort, near Bhopal)


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