The month of Adiós!

So this is another good bye message I wrote this month and sent it to the person meant for. I am sad like very much sad to loose so many people and saying so many good byes to old friends and relationships but I have to. They have become a hurdle to my path of self discovery and a road bump to my peace of mind.

Here goes another one..

To Dear Ex Best Friend,

We have been friends for a very long time.
We have seen each other in our best and worst.
We have seen each other grow up.

We have been through different stages of life.
We have had our good and bad share of experiences.
As people we are very different.
With different goals and priorities.

We both have our flaws.
I tend to be self absorbed.
You tend to tell everyone what is bothering you but me.

The whole point is whatever may have led to the drift between us;
I am sorry for not noticing when I should have!

I am thankful to you in ways words can’t express.
You were there at my worst.
I hope I can be there for you when needed

But no one should be forced to carry on a friendship or relationship they no longer desire.
Everything comes to an end.
Everything has a time frame.
I guess this was ours.

Stay happy healthy and bubbly,
You make things cheerful!

You don’t have to reply.
Just know I will be there for you if you need me.
Else life goes on…

Take care


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