LOVE a little

What is happening to us? The society as whole?

We feel too little. Express even less.
We trust no one and human bonding is just not even on the scale!
We have lost sympathy don’t even expect empathy!

Ohh God, have mercy we have lost essence.
We feel too little. Expect even less.

This wall of security is killing our cells!
We are scared someone will break us if we open our hearts so we have decided to extend our life span without actually living a single day.

No one has the time to read poetry or prose.
No one wants to connect with the person who writes these notes.
No one wants to listen or speak their heart out in fear of betrayal.
Everyone has become so coward its annoying.
No one dares to love or even say the first ‘Hi’.

No one wants to risk even a single day, to discover that one person who can ignite passion not known today.
As risking the heart and time is more dangerous than risking your life!

Yet when I finally think as someone with a fragile and lonely heart as mine.
Even I wouldn’t dare to love in this new world filled with hate and good bye.

This is a horror, our lives will end without even living a single real day.

Help us, help me,please help each other. Trust and be worthy of assurance so that for once we can dare to take a chance.

Love is what we all crave, love can save us all.
Believe in its magic.
Feel a little too  much,get your share of tears, cry a little, laugh a little more, live till you actually die!
So take the leap of faith!


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