Thank You note for someone I once knew!

Today we had that last phone call. A final goodbye!

I knew it would end when it began, but yet in due course of time and a few meetings I had started to believe that this could be so much more. Much more than what I ever had. The start was how it always is, two bored fine looking people giving it a shot! I had a deadline in my head for this thing that we had (Such pity I don’t have a name for it)! We crossed the deadline and you just impressed me by how you dealt with someone as crazy as me without losing your calm even once. I am a lost soul struggling to find my calling. I am sure you have been through this phase of life.

You made a terrible year bearable and saved me in so many different ways that you will never know. Therefore this is not a sad note or a lover’s goodbye. This is my thank you note.

I am twisted, I make fun of things that intimidate or impress me, I guess you did both! I would say it’s your smile or your jokes but it’s not! It’s this vibe that you give that makes everything seem nice and blissful. Your presence makes me happy. I am so confused about life I don’t exactly know what you call this feeling but letting you know that you mattered is worth my time.

Maybe this is what writers do; they make you immortal in words. You and I will age but these words which resonate my thoughts will forever remain.

Thank you for taking me out when solitude was my adobe. Thank you for motivating me to work out. Thank you for being there to see my progress and countless thanks for all the dancing and drives! Thank you for being patient and thank you for tolerating my tantrums. Thank you for existing, thank you for being so humble, thank you for being sweet and lastly thank you for being genuine!

Do good in life, do wonders, I know you will! I have sensed your ferociousness and dedication. Never change. You are AWESOME as you are!

I will see you someday because as T.S Elliot said and so did you- Life is very long!

(Picture description: The featured picture was captured by me on may 26,2016 in Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong)


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