My soul sister

I hope you find a poet. You are worth writing on! You have touched something inside that haven’t been touched in a long long time. I wish I had met you sooner and I wish we had more time. The things you said and all that you did couldn’t much hide what you really seeked! … More My soul sister

Dreamy December

One December night  I met this tall puppy dough eyes, with a smile that reminded me of thousand cheers! He spoke with this starry gaze, grabbing my attention in a blaze. We talked through the drive and the city lanes, discussing everything under the natural satellite. He is this sweet soul with a nice heart, … More Dreamy December

LOVE a little

What is happening to us? The society as whole? We feel too little. Express even less. We trust no one and human bonding is just not even on the scale! We have lost sympathy don’t even expect empathy! Ohh God, have mercy we have lost essence. We feel too little. Expect even less. This wall … More LOVE a little