Believer or Creator?!

I believe in magic!
I believe in miracles!
I believe in fairytales!
I believe in love!
I believe in Peter pan
Coz same as him somehow I refuse to grow up!
I believe in life and
The good and bad that comes with it!
I love living
I love breathing
And the things that I love the most are what money can’t buy!

I haven’t seen the dark side of the world I agree,
I haven’t seen the horror people hold in their hearts,
I haven’t been broken or damaged in ways that some others are!

I believe you get what you truly desire.

I believe in happiness and a true pursuit can get you what your heart desires..

I know I am totally mad but what if I am the only sane person who still believes in all the things nice about this world!?

What if I am not a dreamer but a believer which makes me the creator of my own happy reality!

All I ask from you is to believe. If not in me then yourself, maybe my fairytale can give you a reality you have long forgotten and maybe just maybe I can make you whole again!


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