Where was I?

Let me rewind and tell you where was I and what I was up-to. This is a long story and there are some pictures šŸ˜€

First I got into a temporary teaching job, the contract of which came to an end on 10th December. With the student coming first in her competition. So thats a star on my imaginary achievement file.

I planned a pre birthday party for a friend. It was a success from all aspects. The birthday was on 1st November but I arranged for it to be on 31st October so that the celebration was carried on for two days. This birthday boy had once said to me that birthdays don’t last long so he doesn’t enjoy them. So I made an effort to change his opinion on that. Plus we have been school and college mate which puts him in the rare species of people I am in touch with from a long time.

Got into a weird shopping sprees to buy shirts and sweaters and shoes and make up. All in one go. I visited n number of stores and I exhausted every bit of my energy in doing so.

Then came diwali for which my genius parents planned an escape. Umm honestly my folks and I are antisocial or you can say selectively social. We can’t go on giving sweets and exchange pleasantry with everyone just because we happen to know their name. And to cut off and lock your door is not an option. So we decided to take a short trip. The trip was for Saltanpur. A place around 40kms from bhopal. It has a temple and some wildlife and the view of the city from the temple top is beautiful. Its not a fancy place. But a nice weekend get away. And guess what we did once we came back from there? Well we booked a guestroom around 10kilometres from our home and just tuckked in and ate take away food. And roamed in our own city as tourists. I wore my new shirt and watched old tv on the diwlai night of 13th November.Ā  I mean all this to avoid interaction with neighbors, friends and who ever wanted to meet on diwali :p The feeling was pretty good. Plus I protected the environment by not burning a single cracker and protected my body from a sugar overdose!

After diwali came the hype for wedding. I was a bridesmaid. The wedding was one of my friend’s elder sister. She and I have a long history and we are pretty close. Sadly it clashed with the wedding of my father’s best friend’s son’s wedding šŸ˜› Ā I wanted to attend that one too as it was in Delhi and it was another cool affair altogether. My parents took a train, leaving me under the care of my friend and her parents. Mom and dad had their own adventures.

The functions had began from 16th of November.Ā Then came paath or reading specific verses of the Guru Granth Saheb. That brings me to an interesting fact about the bride and groom. The groom is a Hindu and the bride is a punjabi sikhni to be precise. And they have been dating for 14years. They started dating in eighth standard and have been togetherĀ everĀ since. And the parents agreed after all tricks failed. Cute and epic!

Ok soĀ the events leading to the wedding had the culmination of paath on 18th with a langar and lots of dancing. Then 21st of November was Jago anotherĀ PunjabiĀ tradition of waking up the family members of bride and making themĀ dance. I mean if you want to party, no one does it better than punjabis. So basically you get to dress up and dance and on your way you get snacks and everything.

This was followed by Mehendi or the heena ceremony followed by sangeet on 22ndĀ November. It was a rather plain affair inĀ comparison to the other events. On 23rd November what happened I am not very sure because IĀ did notĀ getĀ time to even breathe (maybe that’s an exaggeration but well you get it. I was busy!). The engagement was in the morning which had a blend of punjabi and hindu mixed traditions. Then there were gift exchanging and a lot of things that I can write a novela on. So skipping that we all got some time off at 3pm to get dressed for the reception. I was so exhausted I actually dozed off once I reached home. And woke up at 7pm (the time the reception was to begin). But as with all weddings nothing happened on time so I had about an hour or so to get ready. My saree was huge and usually I drape my own saree but south indian silkĀ  and the added pressure of being late made me inefficient at drapping it. As a last resort I called my parlour aunty and she came to the rescue. After reaching the venue we helped out with last minute preparations and then the long hours of photography began. I also hogged around coz as you know, to me food is first priority. A few of our old friends came to the wedding and it was a happy short reunion. Around 2am we sat down for the formal dinner with the bride and groom. And did I mention the barat reception was also crazy and we had a fist fight with the groom’s friends. I mean all this for some cash. It was funny but the elders were not amused! :p

After the dinner it was time for phere. The groom’s family happily dozed off and the bride’s family stayed up to witness how a hindu wedding takes place. We had a funny punditji to add to the amusements. After changing our dresses we sat down at 3:30am for all of it to start (Yes we changed too many clothes in a day but we looked good :p ).

After everything we had to pack our bags and leave the wedding hall at 5am for the bidai and we came to the bride’s home. The bride left at around 7:30am with her now husband. And everyone became sad and teary eyed.

Around 8:30am I went to bed and woke up in the evening. Again I went to my friend in the evening and we had our dinner together. Later we went to the market and finally we both started discussing the hazy journey we had so far…


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