UNFPA & Sarokar (HeforShe)

In my previous post I mentioned about the events till 24th November. Interestingly the last six days of the month had something as well.

I am going a bit boring with my narration and diary update so I will just quickly sum up!

On 25th November I got a call to join a street play. Sarokar and UNFPA co organised 16 days of activism to raise awareness against gender inequality.

It was a an experience one can only feel not state. The same role in 35 different places. 25th November is  the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. And we did this street play till 10th of December, which was World Human Rights Day! We took breaks for a day or two to work on the other aspect of the activism. Rest all 16 days were spent with the team of this play.I thoroughly enjoyed the company of everyone  as each one had something to teach.

How this is so close to my heart is the fact that a few months ago I started working for UN heforshe campaign as a youth advocate. The Madhya Pradesh leg of this campaign was kicked off  in IIM Indore on 5th December. Work had been on for a while but the official launch took place with a  panel discussion about ‘Paternity leave’. We had Sweden’s first secretary to tell us about Swedish laws and how Sweden has been gender neutral since 1974.


While working for gender related issues I squeezed in a day on 28th November to speak at ‘Vidhan Sabha’. Pretty proud moment. I talked about the role of youth in Indian politics. My sentences spoken that day can be combined in few words as be the change you wish to see and if not us the youth then who?



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