ALPHABET Soup For Lovers- Anita Nair

Mood Indigo 2015 had Anita Nair as one of the guest speakers for lit fest. Her book was launched during the occasion and she spoke about her writings in brief. The book is published by Harper Collins and a brief encounter with the publisher made me see the other aspect of book printing and publishing.

I finished reading it day before yesterday. It’s a love story with shades of grey; It’s about an unplanned affair. Both the heroin and the hero are separately married. And to add to the cliché the hero is a hero or what you call a highly acclaimed movie star. The story is set in the backdrop of tea gardens in south India.

The short story is named aptly as you will realise once you start reading. There are 26 chapters for each letter and the book has food and ingredient names as words for each letter. For example we have Laddoo, that round sweet dish for, ‘L’.

A light read. Not much to take away but interesting and appealing. The minor elements are sweet and capture your empathy. Makes you think about the fact that love has the same effect on everybody no matter what age or who the person is.

Instead of elaborating any further I recommend reading it before bed time. You will find it cute! If you are too practical then it may hamper your thought process in which case the book is not recommended at all.


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