Othello in Bengali!

First half of the day was very unproductive and boring. I regret saying no to a friend for going out and exploring the city.

Girish Park, a place Kolkata is very familiar with. Near the border of Ganges is an old theatre.  Gautam Haldar a famous name in this industry.  These comprised of my Sunday evening. The play was Othello.

What wasn’t right was everything else! The lead was not looking or acting the part. It wasn’t a fine bangla evening. What made me happy was the stroll near the ganga ghat and meeting up with the family.  The two and a half hour play was tolerable because of the occasional inappropriate jokes. The seats were very uncomfortable to add to our disapproval. To be fair if you know nothing about the play or drama and its depiction, then the play might seem nice. Our fellow audience proved this fact. Since the evening was chilly our group decided to go our separate ways, we said good nights and parted.

Now I am going to bed. And before that I am leaving you with a few pictures that I managed to click after the sandhya arti at ganga ghat.



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