Clean INDIA – A dream?

Every morning when I pass through the lanes of Bhopal, all my sense organs curse out loud! The pitiful condition makes me wonder what is wrong? All our school essays had a paragraph at the end blaming the government for all that was wrong and asking the government to correct it. But here the problem is self created and self continued by the so called civilised citizens of the state. And this is not just one city or state, this a nation wide problem.

I am talking about the garbage on the roads that we come across everyday. Everyone says the government is responsible yet I beg to differ. BMC (Bhopal municipal corporation) sends its trucks and men to collect the litter and we have janitors all day at work. Still when we step out all we see is rubbish and domestic refuse lying here and there.

How can anyone live like that? The most horrid thing is that shop keepers throw out everything right outside the shops and places of work. And not just this, the educated school or college going students are no less! Everyone disposes their waste anywhere even when dustbins are available! Don’t forget the awful habit of spitting. And I doubt whether it has become an illness for some to spit on stairs and white walls? This is downright SHAMEFUL.

Indians always say the country is not progressing, the government should learn from foreign countries etc. But the truth is THE COUNTRY IS WHAT THE COUNTRYMEN MAKE OF IT! The country in itself is a non living piece of land. It is the citizen who can transform it to anything. Good or bad!?

You want a clean country and you still don’t want to clean it? Then my friend be warned that when someone else from outside comes to clean your rubbish they will also take away your rights and freedom! If that is not the fate you want then I urge every single person to take some action on their own level. Get out and devote some time to clean your own area. Let the “swacch Bharat Abhiyan” be a reality.

It is not a scheme or policy. It is a need. Its not a yojna that the next government can change or replace. Its a desperate need of the hour for this country.

Diseases and other problems can be kept at bay by maintaining the surroundings. It will benefit the environment as well.

I request each one to take a step. Take an hour out every week and devote some time to this cause. And I believe and hope that soon enough some more will join in and gradually we will see change.


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