Be a patriot first

Community or religion was not created for hatred or fights! The purpose was to give people something to believe in, work for and to seek direction from. And it never teaches us to spread hatred or kill.

If we go back in history we learn that Britishers followed the policy of divide and rule! The British governments purpose was to drain the resources of the country and use the countrymen as slaves. The divide and rule policy worked wonderfully in diverting the Hindus and Muslims in communal fights making them forget who the real enemy was! They ruled for around 200 years and before leaving divided the country in three parts namely the east Pakistan, India and west Pakistan.

When India got Independence we had a choice. A choice to either be a Hindu state or be a secular country. We decided on the later. And Mahatma Gandhi told the Muslims of India that the country is as much their’s as the Hindus!

Now Hindus consider the cow holy and Muslims consider pigs as sinful. Christians have wine as offering at prayers which Muslims again abstain from. So basically something is forbidden for some and again somethings are part of ours lives.

Best course of action to follow here is to give each other space and respect the boundaries. This applies to everyone.

All that was said up till now was to come to a simple point that India is a tolerant country with much rich culture and diversity. And one more thing we are known for is our unity. What the people need to realise is the whole cow meat issue is a devious plan by some sick person or group who want to weaken the nation. Maybe another 26/11 is being planned and those evil people are just diverting us into fighting with our own brothers and sisters so that we forget who the real enemy is.

Therefore I strongly urge each one of you to stop such communal violence and killings. Don’t let rumors rule.


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