The world is round, what goes around comes around!

Have you seen the new series of YRF (Yash Raj Films) on YouTube? If you haven’t then you must and if you have, then I am sure you agree when I say “It’s splendid”! A lot must have already been written about it, as it has a huge star cast!!!

The series is called MAN’S WORLD.  I know sounds like another women based show where girls cry out on how unjust the world is! But guess what? In this series we have a man who is crying!

The statistics can easily be goggled and I am surely not going to talk about the episode synopsis. But if you haven’t watched it let me just give a simple plot line. We have our hero who has been very aptly named Kiran. And one day Kiran gets so annoyed with these women reservations that he makes a wish on a shooting star that the world to be different and promises he would not complain then. And surprise, surprise!! His wish comes true. And from there the story evolves. Basic plot is about the gender discrimination but there are various subplots open for interpretation. By the way Kiran was one hell of a sexist guy before the flip of sexes!

What would have happened if men had to go through “men”struations? Did you see what I did there? Even our periods are named after the opposite sex!! And I could rant all day about it but we are talking about the series.

If the game did change and women were to replace men and men were to take women’s positions, would the world be a better place? It seems the answer would be a big NO. Anyone given too much more power over other tends to misuse it. It’s the law of nature that someone has to be suppressed for someone else to go up.  But why does anyone have to be on top of the other. What’s wrong with side by side?

The series also shows how women would pee in public and litter walls. And theft would be still at peak among other crimes. All this adds up to say that we don’t need a big switch. We need a change in thinking process.

The series mentions at the end of each episode that Gender Equality is the fifth goal for United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development. And here is where you need to understand something. Equality doesn’t mean suppression of the other!

Man or woman, they need each other. If a woman can’t drink as much as a man well then man can’t walk in high heels (don’t bother mentioning the exceptions). There are few other things that differentiate a man and a woman but the truth is both sexes have their powers and limitations. Both are equally human with feelings, emotions, needs and wants.  The easy way to attain equality is not being too hard on one’s self. If you are a woman and you are having a bad day and you want to cry. Well I say just cry, get it out and get back to being you. Crying releases stress and pent-up emotions. But if you are a man what do you do? Men too have bad days! So what I feel is even you should cry it out. There is no harm in crying or as a matter of fact this applies to everything where we bring in the sex of the person to decide and judge the due course of action. Everyone needs to understand that these social norms were made by humans. What a man should do or what a woman can’t do is just our self built chains. They just hamper the progress of humanity as a whole.


For the time being the series asks everyone to stop being judgmental! If someone is doing something don’t put it on the sex, caste, creed, ethnicity or family. And I second that.

The series has a clear advice:
To the women out there, all men are not same.
To the men out there, it’s okay to be vulnerable.
To both of the sexes, don’t look down upon each other! Treat each other with respect and dignity, the way you would want to be treated by them.

I suggest watch all the four episodes till the end. Its worth it.
The link to the first episode :

(Picture Description: Gender equality street play performed under UNFPA and Sarokar)


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