Frustrating FADs

Came across a term called “bikini bridge!” Its means when bikini bottoms are suspended between hip bones, causing a space between bikini and lower abdomen. That’s the definition I found. Basic translation, showing off your pelvic with the minimal clothing so as to prevent it from censorship! The thing is that girls all around the world are following it. Of course girls with bodies worth flaunting are showing off their bottom assets with so much more enthusiasm. No doubt this post is out of envy. Last year we had thigh gaps and maybe next year we will have no bottom wear. wooohoooo!!!! “Cheers  to internet fad”!

Fad means a craze, usually promoted by half wits making it popular.
Guess how? Well half wits make more than half of the world population!

Okay maybe that was a bit harsh and negligent on my part and even at some point I may have intentionally or unintentionally promoted a fad (read selfie!).. Still some fads just don’t make sense, and are rather derogatory and sexist. While some of those fad promotion make people unreasonably confused. For example Mark Zukerberg’s DP change in support of India and its technological advancement, and getting everyone online.

What Mr.Mark did was he recolored his display picture on Facebook to the tricolor of India. I am sure you all know that! Now this seems perfectly okay. How most of the others without realising why and what, changed their display pictures as well was also fine. What was not fine was the fact that there was another anti tricolor DP group which said that changing your picture will make you a supporter of “” which is against the concept of net neutrality. All this even made me choose sides because the highly qualified and role model teachers and older generation people were also promoting this hoax. And till this morning I was all anti Facebook. Yet by evening after some initial research I discovered that all this is absolutely moronic! This made me so hopeless about development.

Modi and Mark support a digitized India, explaining how internet is the source of knowledge and communication. Internet makes us a global village. And Facebook clarified the whole situation later.

But I still object to this!
I ask whats the point????
Even if everyone got internet access how does anyone assure about the educational benefits its supposed to impart? The fact shows half of internet is porn and useless games. And rest obviously the social networking sites. Where is the education bit?

What I understood from all this was that literacy and education are way different. Education demands logic, explanation and rational debating! Literacy criteria is signing your name. All your degrees and diplomas are worthless if you support or promote something you don’t have proper knowledge about. “LITTLE KNOWLEDGE IS A DANGEROUS THING”. And this whole hours of chaos was created into this circus by some very prominent websites as well who did later apologized but still they need to be reminded. Such gaffe happened much less when newspapers were the only source, where no one was running for “exclusives” and the news was the hero. I am not saying we should go back to stone ages. I am asking for better education system. Where learning is more important than marks. I am asking for classrooms where such affairs must be discussed to open the eyes and brain of the new and old generation. A brain is not a storage system. It’s a processor. and a very good one. convert the knowledge into wisdom. Stop following things blindly. Even when it seems a good cause. Take and make your own stand!


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