I Don’t want to be your friend anymore!

You remember that day we became friends? We knew each other long before. Some would say we were friends since the first day we met. But you and I know that we became friends the day you called for no purpose or reason, just to talk about your day. You told me how it all was not so great, around you. You were not sad but you craved change. You had dreams you would share and your voice would reveal how much it meant to you! And our dream was common too. We were complete opposites except one thing. Our big dream, we would always drift towards this dream while talking and get lost in thoughts and sweet imaginations.

We would talk for hours.  Share all our details of the day. We mourned about our poor marks and then laughed as hard. You would tell me all kinds of story and I would giggle all day. We wished each other on exam days. And we competed to see who could wish first on birthdays. And after years of talking to you I realised how much I loved you! A pure platonic love, but love of the strongest kind.  

And again a few more years have passed by and we both have different lives. You have your own set of duties. But you never call anymore nor do you seem happy to hear me. I hear a tired man stuggling with real life and I bring him no peace. I wonder why? I still care and try to ask you questions and try to tell you all about my day. But today I realised you don’t listen. Maybe you don’t care anymore or maybe you don’t have time or maybe I was never your best friend as you were mine. With this I have realised why I must let you go. Its becoming  tiresome for you to hold on. But friendship is not a battle of this kind. If it doesn’t make you feel great, its not worth it. Everything has an expiration. I think our time is up! I don’t want to hurt you and I don’t want to break down, so I have decided. I don’t want to be your friend anymore!!


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