Whats up!

Isn’t it weird that we have no time for things we like? And we spend the day doing things we don’t like? Or let’s say we spend too much time doing nothing because we are fighting with our own self, debating what to do and why. In the process of which we end up doing nothing or below average work which is not of our liking. Be it any sort of task or duty! And we commit this sin over and over again! That’s why I fail to write everyday. I want to. I do have many topics and feelings to talk about but I fail to shoot up my laptop and type. As I am busy doing nothing and yet doing way too much! The italians have this saying “Dolche far niente” translated as the sweetness of doing nothing. It would have been great if I could claim I speak Italiano but sadly I don’t. I read “Eat Pray Love”and that’s how I came to know about this phrase. And many people go to Italy to discover and savour this art. By the way the book is great. I enjoyed reading it and could connect with it on different levels. It has more to it than the tragedy and happy ending. All in all its good.

Coming back! Here again I am doing nothing but this isn’t in the same art form. It’s a forced uncertain and unplanned nothing while my head is spinning with all the deadlines and there is nothing sweet about it. Anyways in this weird hour of idling and yet over thinking, I somehow managed to at last read The Kite Runner by “Khaled Hosseini”. I don’t expect to come up with praise words that has not been used before. I am sure someone has already expressed how great the book is. I will simply sum it up saying, it’s one of the best of this century with an easy writing style and some harsh reality of life with a short history of Afghanistan. Hussain’s plight touches you but the irony is rather epic. It’s not a happy story but neither is it an absolute sad one. It leaves you with a thread of hope in the end. I felt an emotional hurricane through out and after. Finishing reading it was bittersweet feeling. I was introduced to the author by friends long back but something ( actually nothing yet something as I said before) was holding me back.

Apart from reading I have joined a theatre group. Don’t ask about the details! I am yet to understand why and what exactly was I thinking. Lets hope I learn something if nothing more. Though I do wonder how will I be on stage not giving counter arguments but reciting :O Fascinating!!

The next book I am onto is “Crime and Punishment” by Feodor Dostoevsky. I am having a real hard time getting the map of st. petersburg in my head and then pronouncing and recalling the russian names. Sister to the rescue but not much she can help with! Strangely my reading speed has been cut by half. By the time I expect to be done with a chapter I am hardly on the next page but nonetheless, the book itself is interesting. Might take me a little bit longer to read but I have been told it’s worth it. The recommendation for this read was made by a cute guy who happens to enjoy reading (such rarity 😛 ). So I borrowed it from the public library and now I am struggling to get enlightenment from this classic.

Frankly I am totally a fan of children’s book. I have no guilt or shame for that. Have not read many classics or epics or whatever. I like my sheldons and christie’s way too much. Well that said I do want to increase my boundary, so I am trying. let’s see how that works out.

Ohhh almost forgot, I wasted some precious hours of my life watching a horror movie called “honeymoon”. Rose Leslie from Game of thrones stars in it and that grabbed my attention. Turned out to be a pathetic assemble of someones crazy ideas about science fiction fantasy with some lame thrills and drama. Creepy scenes which will haunt you for a day or two. Ewwww. It may have been one of those really high ambitious projects with a real deep thought and I did try to understand that, still nothing came out of it.

Diet and exercise have been tossed out of the window. I want my abs and I am hoping they will magically appear one day. I am a dreamer. Do you mind?

What else? ummm…yesss I am trying to make round chapatis for the heck of it. Its tough. No wonder it is a basis for judging a to be bride in India (Pun Intended)! Despite all the cliches and stereotype I want to make gol roti, or chapati or phulka or whatever you call it, so that I can make gol rotis.Duhh!!  I like my roti gol so I want to learn how to make it gol!! Gol Gol. Gol matol (round). Kind of like me 😛

Thats about it for now! Untill next time, till I can get my way with Crime and punishment!!!!


2 thoughts on “Whats up!

  1. This was engaging till about midway after which it read more like a telephonic conversation with your Yankee mama / Soviet sister whining about the banalities of life. Pardon my quasi-Victorian sensibilities when it comes to writing.
    #letGargeeWrite #noBunnuisms


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