Turbulent Tuesday

I was in short of words yesterday. Rare thing for me, still there are days when you don’t get your game. To be fair I had nothing on my mind the day before either! So I shared some general city update anyways.

What changed the two-day long dry spell was the fact that I got an idea. It happened gradually over the weekend. A realisation that turned into motivation!

I  have been meaning to get into the dating game for quite some time now. I mean I too want a boyfriend (blame the fad). Plus at twenty one it’s high time, as my friends reckon! And honestly I am the perfect girlfriend, I am pretty ok looking, I can speak three languages, I can cook, swim, use a riffle, drive a bike, pick up fights and deal with them myself, jump from rooftops and do other regular stuff..Who wouldn’t want to be with me??? And all I expect from my date is to have six-pack abs (and a brain that works fine). That’s it, simple requirements.

Except I myself weigh 65 kilograms! According to BMI charts my weight should be 52 kilograms!! uuuhh well not obese just a bit out of shape. 13 kilos to be precise. Now I am all against body shaming and going skinny. But a toned body never harmed anyone or so I hope! In addition to that my mother always says become the good you want to see in others and so I must have six packs if that’s what i want to see!

Keeping that in mind, I decided to do some exercise and take some diet control, and that’s where the timid Tuesday became turbulent for me! Usually the waking up and leaving my bed part is toughest for me but now that I look back, that was the easier task of the day. As planned the night before, I started with stretching after getting up from the bedside followed by some coffee. And then you know the regular drill for a day where you basically have to read books of your liking, watch movies, do some exercise and control yourself from eating unwanted calories! Well till afternoon it was all okay.

Twilight turned the table and I was starving. I had, had my lunch and a good breakfast with fruits and all fancy stuff. The only issue was my body has a habit for 5 main meals instead of just the tiny-winy three I was offering today and to add to that I did like 5 squats and 2 sit ups. So yeah the body wants what it wants! It wanted food and a body massage. This battle between my brain and body lead to turbulence of all shorts. Which added to my more than usual grumpiness and conflicting thoughts. I watched the idiot box and scanned through its channels, tried staring at cute pictures of James Franco for inspiration and listened to all genres of music. But in the end the body won the war and I ate my carbs with pleasure!

I have a feeling Wednesdays are a better day to start. So yes tomorrow onwards!


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