Feminist or femiNAZI?

According to wikipedia feminism means, ” a range of movements and ideologies that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve equal political, economic, cultural, personal, and social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment.”

That means a feminist is a person supporting equal rights and opportunities for women when compared to a man. This person can be anyone who understands and appreciates the concept of yin and yang (borrowed from chinese philosophy of opposite forces being complementary). More or less like together we stand and divided we fall.

History has been a witness to the development of human skills and decline of human conscious. Before the rules and norms for humanity were written down by…. of course humans (in their own words, according to their own wish and choice) there existed a world where everyone was equal. Much like the animal kingdom of today! In the jungle if you are a fox, well you are a fox that’s it! Your colour or place of residence or sex doesn’t matter. You hunt, eat and do your thing. Peace!!

Now who are feminazis?
To answer that, it is a term to describe “an extreme or militant feminist”. The word nazi speaks for itself. This second half of the word femi makes all the difference. Anything in extreme and done without judging the consequences leads to undesirable results.

To be put simply a feminazi is someone who has forgotten the word “equality” while fighting for women’s rights.

These people make senseless demands and treat the opposite sex( in this case men) in harsh and crude manner. Shaming and agitating them time to time. For no apparent mistake except maybe a revenge for the sins done by their community’s forefathers! On the same lines of Hitler who had the potential to be a great hero but sadly became a bad villain. Feminazis are doing the same. they are shaming feminism and feminists. These lost nazi souls are only increasing the problem of women. Driving the good men away and hindering with any progress the women clan makes.

I request you all not to get disillusioned from all this nonsensical things. Take a stand for equality. Not superiority.

Man or Woman.. No one is supereme, one can’t have a complete and happy life without the other. We need each other. In all stages of life. So why not just give each other the dues deserved and come to terms that we were created equals. whatever one lacks the other makes up for it.

P.S I hereby declare my own party called EQUALS!! 😛 (Sarcasm was unavoidable 😛 )

One frame, one world :) Same college, same education, same friends! why the fight?
One frame, one world 🙂
Same college, same education, same friends! why the fight?

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