Procrastination- The eternal problem of my external being

Weird noises around me and a blinding light startled me. For once I though I was dead and in heaven, I couldn’t feel anything except the extreme illumination filling up the room. It took me full five seconds to realise that it was the “kaam wali bai” trying to clean my room with a broom and mop, fighting her way around all the trunks and boxes ( I plan to clean up soon) with my mother instructing. And the light was just your regular sunlight at noon! My body was stiff and immobile, from oversleeping I guess. I somehow managed to get up from my bed rather displeased with my father who was going around the bed to fold my blanket.

After the heaven hysteria left me, I was back to reality.This was the first step towards surviving my regular Sunday which was rather an unwanted day in my calendar. The rest of the week my folks have their work stuff and I have the liberty to sleep or be absolutely still and immobile on my couch without any disturbance. After all this is my gap year and I may not have time to sleep later in life with the busy schedule. Why not catch up on it now and store it for bad debts?


Except the truth is, my rainy day storage for sleep and food, which I have been doing ever since birth, might actually stop me from doing anything ever. I have this bucket list for books, movies, places to travel and things to do as this is my gap year but I am three months in and have done absolutely nothing. I have always been lazy and a last minute person. I don’t remember a single time and happening in my life where I was ahead of the time limit. But the deadlines in school and college made sure I at least did something! Now I am the Alpha and Omega of my universe and turns out I am not doing a great job.

I don’t want someone to control me or give me instructions. No, I don’t need any help from anyone except myself. I need a goal, some motivation and a time table. High time for some alterations. Change is the law of life. It is inevitable!

I guess I will start with a new routine from tomorrow….. or maybe day after!!!


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